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Natural Sciences building, Harlan Hall, RM 140.
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Introduction to Rock Climbing - PE 117, CRN 21318, 1 credit; Fee: $120.00
This class introduces students to the basics of rock climbing. An orientation class will cover the history, literature, equipment and components of safety systems, and more. Initial class followed by two field experiences to practice climbing techniques. No prior experience necessary. Fee includes all gear. Limited to 12 students.

Introduction to Backpacking - PE 180, CRN 21321, 3 credits; Fee: $80.00
This class is designed for the novice who has limited to no experience backpacking. The course will cover gear selection, trip planning, safety, nutrition, navigation, minimum impact techniques, natural history and more. Class meets on campus weekly. Two weekend backpacking trips are a required course component. Fee includes all food, sleeping bag, tent, backpack, stove, other group gear and transportation. No previous experience necessary, but you must be willing and able to carry a 30-50 pound backpack over rugged terrain for several miles at a time. Limited to 10 students.

Scuba Diving- PE 180, CRN 21320, 2 credits; Fee: $520
Cost includes all food, transportation, park fees, course materials, face-to-face and on-line instruction, 5 confined dives, 4 open-water dives, personal gear (quality snorkel, boots, fins and mask which you will keep), rental gear (wetsuit, cylinder, regular, BCD, SPG) and PADI certification. Upon completion of the Open Water Certification, you will be able to rent scuba equipment and dive anywhere in the world! If you're interested in expanding your level of SCUBA expertise, you can register for this course to complete Advanced Open Water certification or Rescue Diver Certification. Limited to 10 students.

Fundamentals of Search and Rescue - PE 180, CRN 21319, 1 credit; Fee: $30
This course prepares students for Search and Rescue Field Certification. Topics include travel skills, tracking, navigation and orientation, and more. Class meets for 6 weeks only. Schedule will be determined the first week of class; some weekends are required. Limited to 10 students.

Mountain Biking - PE 180, CRN 21465, 1 credit; Fee $60
This course is designed to teach the basic skills necessary to safely and successfully enjoy mountain biking. Students will learn to properly fit bikes and helmets, select appropriate gear, determine the appropriate riding position and frame configuration, as well as learn techniques for basic bike maintenance. If you don't have a bike, one will be provided to you as part of your lab fee. Class meets Saturday's, April 5 through May 10. Limited to 10 students.